Audio Description Consultancy

Overview of services and processes

Creatively integrated audio description in TV, film and advertising

Working with the creative team to design and embed audio description (AD) that is natural and inherent to the style of the film – this will offer the information that the visually impaired audience needs in a way that goes unnoticed by the audience and does not explicitly at any point ‘say what you see’ (unlike ‘traditional’ AD). Collaborating with the creative team to utilize the script, sound effects, music and vocal reactions (not verbal description) to enhance the film for VI viewers. 



Script analysis. Establishing any problematic areas that will need to be described to the VI audience (eg. subtitled moments or purely visual elements that affect the narrative). Then providing suggestions, relying on collaboration with the director and writers in order to establish solutions that everyone is happy with. 


Working with the performers and the creative team. Collaborating on set (or remotely if absolutely necessary) with the talent and director to get the most effective options on the day – e.g. dialogue that can be adapted slightly (or alternative options for dialogue that can be recorded), working with the actors’ reactions – adding in any vocal responses (sighs, gasps, etc.) that denote what the performer is demonstrating visually and establishing their objectives to ascertain what information needs to be conveyed to the VI audience. 


 Sound design/editing. Working with the editors and director to ensure that all the necessary information that can be provided through sound design, SFX and music is implemented as well as ensuring the mixing and levels prioritize these bits of information were necessary. 


As described above, this role is highly collaborative – access to the creative team is required throughout the process to be able to influence and take part in decision-making – although of course strictly in an advisory capacity. It does require the team to be open minded and amenable to making small adjustments where necessary, but it is our job to offer solutions that are most in-keeping with the existing vision of the piece and don’t interfere with it or require too much compromise.

The process outlined above can be adapted depending on the circumstances of any given project – we fit in with your timeline and requirements.