Read about how C Talent was chosen to receive a Red Backpack Fund to combat economic hardship caused by COVID-19. 


We were named one of Aerie’s Top 20 Change-makers of 2020. This gained C Talent sponsorship and a $20,000 grant from American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.


Read about how the ableism Keely Cat-Wells experienced in this industry fueled her decision to take matters into her own hands and start an agency that represents disabled artists. 


A conversation between Backstage Magazine and Keely Cat-Wells about what she wants for the future of representation. 

Career Competitor podcast with Steve Mellor

Listen to this conversation between our CEO, Keely Cat-Wells, and host of the Career Competitor Podcast, Steve Mellor. In this episode, Keely shares her own disability story, how she handled adversity, and her journey to becoming a disability activist, founder, and CEO of three companies (C Talent, Zetta Studios, and Zetta Finance). 

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