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Disability & Accessibility Specialist Consultancy For The Entertainment Industry

Beyond Compliance


Disability is the largest minority group in the world, and yet it is the most underserved and underrepresented. 

Whether it be in television, movies, or commercials, humans are exceptionally influenced by what they watch. Being such a powerful platform, creators should use their power to promote progressive and inclusive values from all staffing positions in related companies.

We are specialists in access, inclusion, diversity, equity, and the entertainment industry. Our work is structured based on the four access pillars. We ensure that the production’s mission of true inclusion is met with authenticity, integrity, and true equality. 

The truth sells; that is why we go beyond ticking boxes. We want productions to tell amazing stories on both sides of the camera. We keep the work pragmatic, and simple. 

Companies now have DE&I officers, others have ADA compliance officers, many productions may have Intimacy Coordinators, but not many have an Accessibility and Disability Officer or/and an On-Set Consultant or Coordinator. 

'We don't need special treatment. We need equity and true equality.'

consulting options

We can serve in one of two ways to benefit your company: A Disability Lead Consultant, where we provide year round support, OR Disability Production Consulting, where we provide support on an individual production. 

Click below to learn more about each option or continue reading to learn more about how we work. 

Check out our most recent work on Virgin Media’s campaign, “Faster brings us closer.” 


We work by the four pillars of access

Physical Access

Which involves people with physical disabilities requiring the use of mobility aids and the provision of, for example, handrails, ramps, lifts, and lowered counters and equipment.

sensory access

Which involves people with hearing or vision impairment requiring the provision of, for example, tactile markings, signs, and labels, hearing augmentation-listening systems, and audio cues for lifts and lights.

Communication Access

Which involves people who have access needs with the written word, vision, speech, and language. 

Cognitive Access

Which involves people who have access needs with awareness, perception, reasoning, and/or judgment. 

Problems and goals

Often projects with the best intentions are not created by the authentic voices that inspired them. We bring authentic-counsel to the table to make sure all projects implement lived-in experience. We make sure nothing misleads society or re-enforces negative stereotypes, language, or actions. We consult to make projects speak to new audiences, ignite new talent, and make everyBODY be seen, heard, and represented. We like to get involved at the earliest possible stage of production. Inclusion and access should be present from the start. 

Case studies

We designed a cork rail wall on set, which provided signifiers and tactile cues that guided actors around the studio. Weaving throughout, the sensory wall helped with efficiency, confidence, and overall performance.

We staffed a production crew with entirely d/Deaf talent who used BSL.

We worked closely with a DOP who uses a wheelchair and with him designed specialized equipment that would allow for him to work at his fullest potential and get all the desired shots rather than having to make do with the restrictive design.

We spoke at Virgin Media to educate and share perspective on the benefits of hiring people with Disabilities

Adapted left-behind language, and suggesting more progressive, and acceptable language.

Using our database of D/deaf and Disabled talent we staffed a production with below-the-line crew and then matched the production with grants and other incentives they qualified for based on their diversity.

We made auditioning accessible, providing a social story (pictures included) to prepare individuals with autism or other social sensitivities with information about pathways to an audition location, the people they will meet inside, and the general experience.

We have worked with