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Equal Treatment & True Equality 

C Talent Represents High Profile d/Deaf and Disabled Artists and Athletes Globally.

We believe we must place talent in all roles, campaigns and projects not just the ones that specify they want disability.

C Talent is proud to represent artists such as CJ Jones, who has worked on films such as “Baby Driver” (2017) and the “Avatar” franchise, Viktoria Modesta who is a singer-songwriter, performance artist and model, TikTok Influencer Anastasia Pagonis who is a record breaking Paralympic swimmer on Team USA, Marsha Elle who was a Playboy cover model, Kurt Yaeger who is widely recognized for his role as Greg the Peg in “Sons of Anarchy,” Danny Murphy, who starred in “The Parts You Lose” (2019) alongside “Breaking Bad’s” Aaron Paul, Tatiana Lee, who has modeled for brands such as Apple, Target, and Zappos, Danny Woodburn who played Mickey Abbott in the beloved series, “Seinfeld”… And many more!

C Talent also provides Access Design and Inclusion Consulting for the entertainment industry. The consulting team is made up of intersectional diverse specialists in access, disability, and the industry bringing lived-in experience to the table. The work is structured around the four access pillars; cognitive, communication, sensory, and physical. C Talent has consulted for LEGO, Virgin Media, Adam&Eve DDB, The National Lottery, NBC, and more.

To help advance the representation of disabled talent at all stages of production, C Talent has a database of d/Deaf and Disabled talent who work below-the-line such as production coordinators, runners, cinematographers, gaffers, etc.

C Talent was awarded as a Red Backpack Fund Recipient, from Spanx by The Sara Blakely Foundation. Keely has also been named one of Aerie’s Change-makers of 2020 which gained C Talent corporate sponsorship from American Eagle Outfitters.

Meet our founder & CEO

Keely Cat-Wells is an Entrepreneur and Disability Activist dedicated to making social, systematic, and economic change. Keely is the Founder/CEO of C Talent and Zetta Studios. Keely appeared on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe Entertainment list 2021 as an honoree, is an Aerie Change-Maker, and sits on the d/Deaf & Disabled committee at Equity UK.

Keely founded her first company at a young age during her time in hospital which developed into C Talent. Keely has spoken about Disability Inclusion for Google Sprint, The Portland Film Festival, Comcast NBCUniversal Xfinity, Toronto International Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival among others.

After noticing the lack of access in the entertainment industry Keely formed Zetta Studios. Zetta Studios is set to be the world’s first-ever studio to be fully accessible for people with disabilities.

“I believe to change the world we have to learn to tell and listen to a new set of stories about the world that we want to create. We have to familiarize audiences with seeing people with disabilities on their screen, authentically, and in a new light. Knowledge is power and the media is a global teacher whether we actively realize it when we are watching entertainment or not.”

The story behind C Talent

C Talent was born out of the hardest experiences of my life and was never the initial plan… 

I wanted to be a dancer… But the universe had different ideas, and I’m forever grateful. 

When I was 16 I fell sick during my first week at dance college. That quickly escalated and I was admitted to hospital. After three or so years of misdiagnosis and being called ‘crazy’ from medical gaslighting I was going down hill quickly. 

Suffice to say I was forced to leave college. I had many operations, some of which went wrong and cut a rather long boring story later I became disabled. 

When I was in a deep depression someone told me to ‘give’, and put the attention on something other than myself. I started interning at a talent agency, I was in and out of hospital like a yo-yo so I started my own talent agency.

I took A trip to Los Angeles when I was recovering and lost a job due to my disability (their ableism). This made me see the bigger picture and a massive problem within the entertainment industry. 

I got my Visa (not a straight forward process!) and moved out to LA the following year. 

This is when C Talent was born.

I am on an ever evolving journey and am finally at a point where I feel some-what comfortable enough to share a small part of my experience so far (this has taken time!). 

If you are going through hell, forced to change careers, lost your way… It’s ok. Keep going. 

C talent Advisors

Sinéad Burke is a teacher, writer, broadcaster, fashion-admirer and advocate for disability and design. Sinéad Burke has given a TED Talk, has spoken at the World Economic Forum in Davos and according to the Business of Fashion, is a leader in the Age of Influence. She’s the kind of person who walks up to the editor-in-chief of British ‘Vogue’ and introduces herself — and eventually lands herself a ‘Vogue’ cover as a result… (Literally!)

Hardeep Rai is the Founder and CEO of Kaleidoscope Investments, wh0 help entrepreneurs with disabilities to realise their dream of running and growing their own business Ki provides on-going help, expertise and investment throughout the duration of the business life-cycle, nurturing and encouraging ideas, in order to best achieve lasting commercial success. Hardeep has spent 25 years in the Financial Services industry: 15 years in Hedge Fund and the last 10 years as an entrepreneur, investor and business growth specialist.

Paul Zetter CBE was honoured by the Queen as A Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE), Paul Zetter CBE fought in the tanks and used mores-coding during world war II, then ran one of the most famous football pool business’s in the world, ‘Zetter’s Pools’. Paul was the chairman of the ‘Sports Aid Foundation’, which has since helped thousands of young sportspeople on their way to international success.