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Equal Treatment & True Equality 

C Talent represents d/Deaf and Disabled artists globally.

C Talent strives to normalize people with disabilities being experts in things beyond disability.

We believe we must place talent in all roles, campaigns and projects not just the ones that specify they want disability.

C Talent is proud to represent artists such as CJ Jones, who has worked on films such as “Baby Driver” (2017) and the “Avatar” franchise, Paralympian Jean-Baptiste Alaize who was in the Netflix documentary, “Rising Phoenix” (2020), TikTok Influencer Anastasia Pagonis who is a record breaking Paralympic swimmer on Team USA, Marsha Elle who was a Playboy cover model, Kurt Yaeger who is widely recognized for his role as Greg the Peg in “Sons of Anarchy,” Danny Murphy, who starred in “The Parts You Lose” (2019) alongside “Breaking Bad’s” Aaron Paul, Tatiana Lee, who has modeled for brands such as Apple, Target, and Zappos, Danny Woodburn who played Mickey Abbott in the beloved series, “Seinfeld”… And many more!

To help advance the representation of disabled talent at all stages of production, C Talent also has a database of d/Deaf and Disabled talent who work below-the-line such as production coordinators, runners, cinematographers, gaffers, etc.

C Talent was awarded as a Red Backpack Fund Recipient, from Spanx by The Sara Blakely Foundation. Keely has also been named one of Aerie’s Change-makers of 2020 which gained C Talent corporate sponsorship from American Eagle Outfitters.

Meet our founder & CEO

Keely Cat-Wells is an Entrepreneur and Disability Activist dedicated to making social, systematic, and economic change. Keely is the Founder/CEO of C Talent, Zetta Studios, and Zetta Finance. Additionally, Keely sits on the D/deaf & Disabled committee at Equity UK .

Keely founded her first company at a young age during her time in hospital which developed into C Talent. Keely has been named a top 20 Change-maker and has also hosted many panels highlighting Diversity and Inclusion for Google, The Portland Film Festival, Comcast NBCUniversal Xfinity, Toronto International Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival and many more.

After noticing the lack of access in the entertainment industry Keely formed Zetta Studios. Zetta Studios is set to be the world’s first-ever studio to be fully accessible for people with disabilities, that is sustainable and founded by a female. A structure that goes beyond compliance, where people come before architecture, and a workplace that sets a new standard for employers. The studio will home the most innovative, revolutionary technology in the industry. An interconnected community providing a truly desired live-work space. – ‘The Silicon Valley of Entertainment’.

“I believe to change the world we have to learn to tell and listen to a new set of stories about the world that we want to create. We have to familiarize audiences with seeing people with disabilities on their screen, authentically, and in a new light. Knowledge is power and the media is a global teacher whether we actively realize it when we are watching entertainment or not.”