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Disability Consultant - Year Round Support

While 90% of corporations claim to have DEI policies in place, disability is rarely included. The time is now to include disability in conversations relative to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Adding a Disability Lead Consultant to your leadership teams promises to make this a reality with responsibilities to include:

  • Providing content creators and decision makers the confidence to include, talk about, and portray disability;
  • Ensuring inclusive hiring practices;
  • Working with and educating internal stakeholders and external partners on the quantitative and qualitative benefits of recruiting and hiring people with disabilities;
  • Sourcing and identifying employment opportunities for disabled talent and setting targets for disability representation behind and in-front of the camera;
  • Creating Universal Design within the organization to assure accessibility for people with disabilities;
  • Leveraging internal relationships guaranteeing there is consistency and transparency between colleagues and departments;
  • Meeting and exceeding expectations of disabled audiences;
  • Striving to create competitive industry standards for authentic disability portrayal, incidental portrayal, and intersectional portrayal, as well as standards for hiring behind- the-camera;
  • Sourcing On-Set Accessibility Coordinators;
  • Assisting to place disabled talent in decision-making roles within the organization;
  • Being the voice of disability on behalf of your organization to advocate for inclusion and representation of people with disabilities on panels, media interviews, and the like; Creating focus groups and databases of disabled talent that can be made easily accessible to the company;
  • Working alongside the DEI Officer to measure programs and ensure accountability in the recruitment and hiring of people with disabilities – while tracking the benefits aligned with this practice.