Disability & Accessibility Specialist Consultancy

Beyond Compliance


Disabled people constitute the largest minority group in the world, yet we are the most underserved and underrepresented – often left out of the ‘diversity and inclusion’ conversation. Becoming an accessible, disability-aware organization will boost your business, connect you with untapped markets, help you meet your ESG targets and create a fairer, more equal and inclusive culture in business and wider society.

We are award-winning specialists in access, inclusion, diversity and equality within the entertainment industry and wider business sector. We have been recognized for our work by Forbes, Variety, Vogue, Backstage and many more.

Founded as an agency for – and by – disabled professionals, we have grown exponentially in recent years due to our popularity and success raising awareness, creating equity and providing solutions to a large number of international organizations.

Our consultancy work is based on our lived experience and expert knowledge of disability within business and our beliefs are founded in the social model of disability, which forms the basis of our guidance. This explains that disability exists because of environmental and attitudinal barriers faced by those with impairments and not because of the impairments themselves.


'We don't need special treatment. We need equity and true equality.'

Creating Access

We can serve in one of four ways to benefit your company:

Disability Lead Consultant, where we provide year round support.

Production/Entertainment Industry Specific Disability Consulting.

Disability Project-To-Project Consulting.

Specialized Disability and Access Training, both corporate and creative.

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Watch the most recent commercial we worked on with Adam&EveDDB as Disability, Access, and Inclusion Consultants, “Camelot – Good Causes.” 

Check out our work on Virgin Media’s campaign, “Faster Brings Us Closer.” 


We work by the four pillars of access

Physical Access

Which involves people with physical impairments requiring the use of mobility aids and the provision of, for example, wheelchairs, walking aids, handrails, ramps, lifts, and lowered counters and equipment.

sensory access

Which involves people with visual impairments who require the use of, for example, tactile signs or markings, Braille or large print labels, signs and documents, audio description, and people who are Deaf or hard of hearing who require hearing augmentation-listening systems such as loops, hearing aids and sign language interpretation. 

Communication Access

Involves people who have access needs with the written word, vision, speech, and language.

Cognitive Access

Involves people who have access needs with awareness, perception, understanding, reasoning, and/or judgment.

Problems and goals

Often projects with the best intentions are not created by the authentic voices that inspired them. We bring authentic-counsel to the table to make sure all projects implement lived-in experience. We make sure nothing misleads society or re-enforces negative stereotypes, language, or actions. We consult to make projects speak to new audiences, ignite new talent, and make everybody be seen, heard, and represented. We like to get involved at the earliest possible stage of production. Inclusion and access should be present from the start. 

Case studies

We designed a cork rail wall on set, which provided signifiers and tactile cues that guided actors around the studio. Weaving throughout, the sensory wall helped with efficiency, confidence, and overall performance.

We consulted on The National Lottery’s campaign including their digital presence and social media accessibility, in which we advised at every stage, overseeing the casting process and ensuring that all access requirements were met on set.

We adapted HR on-boarding systems to make the employers mission of equal opportunities fully accessible.

We spoke at companies such as Google, LEGO, and Virgin Media to educate on the social model of disability

Trained one of the largest travel companies in the world on Disability Awareness, the Social Model of Disability, Language, Access, and set actionable goals. Provided important foundational tools allowing the team to feel confident and equipped to start whilst using the same language and approach.

Adapted outdated language and suggested more progressive, best practice language.

Provided On-set Access Coordinators and Disability & Access Consulting for a Netflix/ Sony film shooting on location in the United Kingdom

We have worked with